30 Minutes of Music - Episode 18
April 23, 2014
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

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Track List [PDF]

0:00 – Steve Winwood – Higher Love (Back in the High Life)
6:28 – The Animals – House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
10:55 – Radiohead – Lotus Flower (The King of Limbs)
15:52 – Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – Feeling Free (Keep Reachin’ Up)
19:21 – Neil Young & London Symphony Orchestra – A Man Needs A Maid (Harvest)
23:52 – The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe (Are You Experienced)
27:17 – Nina Simone – Work Song (Forbidden Fruit)
29:49 – Beck – Blackbird Chain (Morning Phase)
34:41 – Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy (Mr. Fantasy)

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A bit of a throwback here. I put together this hour-long podcast full of nothing but Beatles tunes back in 2012. I still like how it turned out, so here it is!

Nothing but fab-four for an hour.


30 Minutes of Music - Episode 6
60 minutes – 256kbps
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

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0:00 – A Beginning (Anthology 3)
0:50 – Hey Bulldog (Yellow Submarine Songbook)
3:57 – Flying (Magical Mystery Tour)
6:03 – Baby’s In Black (Take 7)
6:16 – Baby’s In Black (Beatles For Sale)
8:16 – I’m Looking Through You (Take 1)
11:18 – Don’t Bother Me (With The Beatles)
13:41 – Helter Skelter (The White Album)
18:11 – The Word (Rubber Soul)
20:52 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Take 5) (Anthology 2)
21:16 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Help!)
23:23 – Misery (Take 1)
25:14 – She Loves You (3rd-Party Stereo Mix)
27:32 – Hold Me Tight (Take 22)
28:19 – Hold Me Tight (Take 23)
28:55 – Hold Me Tight (Take 24)
28:58 – Hold Me Tight (With The Beatles)
31:26 – And Your Bird Can Sing (Take 2)
33:46 – A Day In The Life (Take 1)
34:18 – A Day In The Life (Take 6)
38:37 – Sgt. Peppers Hearts Club Band (Own Acapella mix with crowd/audience sfx.)
40:20 – Got To Get You Into My Life (Take 5) (Anthology 2)
43:06 – Baby You’re A Rich Man (Magical Mystery Tour)
46:02 – Get Back (Rooftop Performance #2)
46:04 – Get Back (Rooftop Performance #3)
49:06 – Get Back (Let it Be)
49:16 – Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows (Love)
52:31 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Love)
56:42 – Goodnight (The White Album)

Track List [PDF]

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Part 1 (11:57)

Part 2 (13:53)

In the second year of the journalism program at Fanshawe, we are put on a series of 4-5 week stints – or “rotations” – doing particular things. For example, for 5 weeks, you’ll be a reporter. The next 5 weeks, you’ll be a newscaster.

And then, for 4-5 weeks (depending on the term) you’ll be a ‘current affairs/documentary’ producer where, through sub-rotations, you’ll either be a) making 4 minute docs, b) hosting the show that airs the 4 minute docs, c) making a 26 minute audio piece, or d) making a video doc.

Last week, I was tasked to do c): make a 26 minute audio piece.  Since last week was also the week St. Patrick’s Day was going on, I decided to revisit the infamous 2012 St Patrick’s Day riots that took place around Fleming Drive.

Around 1000 students were involved in the mayhem that went into the early morning hours, and by the end there were injuries, broken bottles, and a torched news truck. The city, and nearby Fanshawe College, suffered major black eyes from the incident, as the story went through regional, national, and then international media.

One of the main ‘infamous’ moments of the riots was when a CTV truck got overturned and set ablaze. The photo at the top shows how the truck looked days after. (Thanks to former CTV’er Lisa Xing for uploading that to her Flickr.)

The piece is in two segments, which you can listen to above. The piece was assembled in about 3 and a half days, so if there are rough spots, there’s the reason.

Thanks to Police Chief Brad Duncan, former XFM’er Marty Thompson, CTV’s Chuck Dickson, and FSU President Adam Gourlay for talking to me. With their permission, I may upload longer interviews in the future, as I had to cut a lot out!

Chuck’s footage, referenced in the piece, can be viewed in 3 parts below on YouTube.



30 Minutes of Music - Episode 17
March 15, 2014
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

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Mix For Earbud Headphones

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Track List [PDF]

0:00 – Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
4:19 – Phantogram – Fall In Love (Voices)
8:02 – Scott Walker – The World’s Strongest Man (Scott 4)
10:16 – Funkadelic – Can You Get To That (Maggot Brain)
13:46 – The White Stripes – The Denial Twist (Get Behind Me Satan)
16:17 – Beck – Blue Moon (Morning Phase)
20:17 – The Beatles – Cry Baby Cry (The Beatles [White Album])
23:10 – The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
27:30 – Arcade Fire/Owen Pallet – The Beach Song*/Photograph (Her)

*Doesn’t actually have a title. Can also be called “Song On The Beach”

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So, long story short, I’ve been scanning. A lot. Mostly stuff shot by my Dad and my Grandparents over the decades. All of them have been on slide transparencies.

For the longest time, I was using a Minolta Dual Scan II to scan the slides, as it was the best I had, and the best I could afford.

Fast foward to December of last year. I finally got a new scanner. One that was made in the last two years too! (The Minolta, in contrast, was over 10 or so years old.)

Being the annoying perfectionist I am, I decided to redo every single slide all over again, at higher resolutions, and with multi-exposure and ICE.

And boy, am I glad I did! Below is the same slide, taken in Alberta circa 1976 by my Dad.

The top is scanned on my old Minolta, the bottom on my new Plustek Opticfilm 8200i.

(Click to make bigger)

Minolta Dual Scan II

Minolta Dual Scan II (1999) — No Multi-exposure

Plustek Opticfilm 8200i

Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (2012)– Multi-exposure

A major, major upgrade in every possible sense. Better colour representation, better dynamic range, better resolution, everything.

I tried to replicate the scans as best I could so that they matched eachother, but it’s tricky to do so in Lightroom.

This is mainly just to show how much a difference a good scanner makes (especially one with multi-exposure.)


Watched the Grammy’s last night. Seeing everyone trying to one-up the other in the “witty and clever tweet” department reminded me of this piece posted to the Times on Saturday.

It feels as if we’re all trying to be a cheeky guest on a late-night show, a reality show contestant or a toddler with a tiara on Twitter — delivering the performance of a lifetime, via a hot, rapid-fire string of commentary, GIFs or responses that help us stand out from the crowd. We’re sold on the idea that if we’re good enough, it could be our ticket to success, landing us a fleeting spot in a round-up on BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post, or at best, a writing gig. But more often than not, it translates to standing on a collective soapbox, elbowing each other for room, in the hopes of being credited with delivering the cleverest one-liner or reaction. Much of that ensues in hilarity. Perhaps an equal amount ensues in exhaustion.

NYTimes: Valley of the Blahs: How Justin Bieber’s Troubles Exposed Twitter’s Achilles’ Heel