The Difference A Good Scanner Makes (Part 2)

Here’s another example of why a good scanner matters. Tack this on as an addition to my earlier post.

In addition to scanning my own film (rescanning, I guess) and my Dads, I’ve been rescanning slides taken by my great-uncle Jack Cuthbert. He was in the Air Force, and did a bit of travelling. Luckily, he took a camera with him when he did, and shot on Kodachrome transparencies.

Most of them (if not all) are from the early 1960’s. This one in particular, was taken in Nova Scotia in 1961.

The top photo shows the slide as it was scanned with my old Minolta Dual Scan II scanner, while the bottom is from by my newer Plustek.

Click for larger! I’ve tried to edit them in similar ways in terms of brightness and contrast.

Minolta Dual Scan II (1999) -- No Multi-exposure
Minolta Dual Scan II (1999)
Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (2012)-- Multi-exposure
Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (2012)

If you flip back and forth between the two, you can see major differences in how certain colours are picked up by the scanner, and how each scanner handles dark shadows and strong highlights.

Here’s another example, also scanned from Kodachrome slides taken in 1961.

Minolta Dual Scan II (1999)
Minolta Dual Scan II (1999)
Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (2012)
Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (2012)

Invest in a good scanner! It will keep you from having to redo work (like me!)

The Infamous Ford Shot..

..was just one photo of a few, taken by Toronto Star photog Lucas Oleniuk on June 21, 2013.

The byline:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford held a press conference at City Hall Friday afternoon in response to possible provincial funding cuts to the city.

Now Watch Me Do This Jump

About a month after Jayden and I finished our WABCDEFG News assignment, I still had a ton of sound effects on my computer that I had assembled for the piece.

And since I was finished school for the summer, what better way was there to spend time, than to cut together a bunch of them and make a funny voicemail greeting?

In May 2013, this was, for about a week or two, the greeting on my answering machine.

Recorded over Skype, so the quality is a bit iffy.

WABCDEFG News: Pacino On A Cell Phone

WABCDEFG Logo - Wide

The number of alternate takes Jayden and I recorded for our WABCDEFG News radio piece is mind-boggling. With the extra time I’ve had lately, I’ve been digging through old files to find stuff to post here.

I managed to find Jayden’s original read of the “Talking While On A Cell Phone” segment, which in the final piece was voiced by me. He decided to channel Al Pacino, as you can hear in the clip below.


Here is how the piece sounded in the final mix.


To listen to the whole thing, click here!

First Cast / Last Cast

After two years of being in the journalism program at Fanshawe College, I can finally look back at my time in it, and reflect. Reflect about what? Well, listening to my older newscasts, reflect on how far I’ve come when speaking into a microphone.

Being the digital packrat I am, I tracked down both my first cast done for the program (which was really a pre-recorded newscast for an assignment and never actually went on air) and my last newscasts done for the X this past March.

First off, the pre-recorded newscast from September 26, 2012.


And now a news update from 6:30am on March 14, 2014 (I would post the very last, done at noon with Emina, but I can’t find it on my computer! Of all the things!..)


It’s not the greatest clip, as I was still waking up. That being said, there still is a good difference (somewhat) between September 2012 me and March 2014 me.

I’m still in the midst of sorting through audio (LOTS OF AUDIO), files, and documents from my time in the program. There’s no doubt that more stuff will make its way up here.

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