10 Minute Doc: Awesome London

*This is the 10 minute radio documentary I produced as a school assignment*

This semester, we were assigned the project of making a 10 minute radio doc for Feature Reporting class. In first semester, we had to make a 5-6 minute radio doc, and I decided to cover the closing of Lorne Ave public school here in London, but this time around I decided to cover something much more upbeat and positive. Enter Awesome London.

Awesome London is part of Awesome International, an organization with chapters all over the world that specialize in the art of giving no-strings-attached $1000 grants, to ideas that are awesome.

The piece I put together looks at the 2 ideas who have won the grants so far (Erin Woodgate in January, and Lincoln McCardle in February) and details the workings of Awesome London itself, where the money comes from, and what concerns are on the horizon for future Awesomes.

Thanks to Christine Moss, Shawn Adamsson, Lincoln McCardle, and Erin Woodgate for graciously letting me take up their time to interview them.

Photograph of Lincoln McCardle, winner of February's grant.
Taken on February 25, 2013, when Lincoln McCardle won the February grant for his “Caring Between the Lines” idea. (Photo from Twitter)
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