What happens when you get an assignment that asks you to write your own radio script? (And as an alternative, instead of handing in the script, make a 10-15 minute audio sample of the show itself..)

Well, if you’re Jayden and I, you’ll decide “screw doing a sincere legit radio show that may actually be played on a real radio station.. Lets do a fake news comedy show instead!”

So that’s what we did. WABCDEFG News. 11 minutes of nothing but fake news, fake callers, fake sound effects, and fake personalities.

I think it’s a rip roarin good time. What about you?

Recorded March 13-14, 2013
Written by Jayden Rogers and Matthew Trevithick
Performed by Jayden Rogers and Matthew Trevithick
Edited by Matthew Trevithick
Produced for Communications class

Photo of the paper script.
Paper version of the script we used. Isn’t it fascinating?

Raising Awareness of Epilepsy with Purple Day

*This is a story I did for one of my journalism assignments*

Epilepsy affects more than 300-thousand Canadians, and many misconceptions still circulate about the disorder.

Purple Day is officially recognized by the Canadian Government, and it’s aim is to promote and raise awareness about epilepsy. Many people don’t recognize different types of seuzires epilepsy brings, and because of medications, most people are unaware others even have the disorder.

The goal of Purple Day is for people in the community to not just learn about the disorder, but for stigmas related to the disorder to go away. Stigmas like people believing that epileptic seizures are a social occurrance, or that they have religious connotations.

Many events are taking place in London to mark Purple Day, and they can be found by visiting epilepsysupportcentre.com or by contacting the support centre at 519-433-4073.

30 Minutes of Music: Episode 11


30 Minutes of Music – Episode 11
February 28, 2013
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

Download the MP3 (Right-click, ‘save link as’)

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Track List [PDF] [Spotify]

0:00 – Beck – Elevator Music (The Information)
4:16 – Adele – Skyfall (Skyfall Soundtrack)
8:59 – Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine (Just As I Am)
11:15 – Local Natives – Breakers (Hummingbird)
15:18 – Bahamas – Lost In The Night (Barachords)
19:09 – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Bang Bang Bang (Record Collection)
23:01 – Foxygen – In The Darkness (We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic)
25:25 – Claude Léveillée & André Gagnon – Baie des sables (Léveillée – Gagnon)

Download other episodes here!


Well, here we go again..

Well, for whatever reason I’ve gotten a WordPress account. I already had a Blogspot for some time, and then a Tumblr, and now this. A good question to ask is why? And to be completely honest, I don’t know. I’ve found that Tumblr isn’t very good for writing lengthy posts on. It’s more or less a place where you can reblog pointless gifs and photos and things that don’t take a whole lot of attention to take in, and because that I’ve noticed my writing has diminished. Well, diminished is a good understatement. More like, gone altogether.

So, that’s why I’m here. I’m hoping that the bigger focus on writing and text may spur some form of creative juices in me so I will actually begin to go and write. I haven’t in some time, and to be completely honest, I’m a bit rusty. Well, rusty is another understatement. WD-40 wouldn’t unrust this thing.

More to come! I guess!


30 Minutes of Music: Episode 10


30 Minutes of Music – Episode 10
November 10, 2012
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

Download the MP3 (Right-click, ‘save link as’)

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Track List [PDF] [Spotify]

0:00 – Ty Segall – Thank God for Sinners (Twins)
3:17 – Andrew Bird – When That Helicopter Comes (Hands of Glory)
6:02 – Beck – Paper Tiger (Sea Change)
10:34 – Haunter – Take Me Back (To Those Times) (Haunter)
15:27 – Fiona Apple – Valentine (The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do)
18:50 – Frank Sinatra – Autumn in New York (Come Fly With Me)
26:13 – Leonard Cohen – Suzanne (Songs of Leonard Cohen)

Download other episodes here!

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