Now Watch Me Do This Jump

About a month after Jayden and I finished our WABCDEFG News assignment, I still had a ton of sound effects on my computer that I had assembled for the piece.

And since I was finished school for the summer, what better way was there to spend time, than to cut together a bunch of them and make a funny voicemail greeting?

In May 2013, this was, for about a week or two, the greeting on my answering machine.

Recorded over Skype, so the quality is a bit iffy.

WABCDEFG News: Pacino On A Cell Phone

WABCDEFG Logo - Wide

The number of alternate takes Jayden and I recorded for our WABCDEFG News radio piece is mind-boggling. With the extra time I’ve had lately, I’ve been digging through old files to find stuff to post here.

I managed to find Jayden’s original read of the “Talking While On A Cell Phone” segment, which in the final piece was voiced by me. He decided to channel Al Pacino, as you can hear in the clip below.


Here is how the piece sounded in the final mix.


To listen to the whole thing, click here!

Coming Soon!


Second episode in the process of being written! Coming soon! Hoping to record this week, if I finish the script that is.


What happens when you get an assignment that asks you to write your own radio script? (And as an alternative, instead of handing in the script, make a 10-15 minute audio sample of the show itself..)

Well, if you’re Jayden and I, you’ll decide “screw doing a sincere legit radio show that may actually be played on a real radio station.. Lets do a fake news comedy show instead!”

So that’s what we did. WABCDEFG News. 11 minutes of nothing but fake news, fake callers, fake sound effects, and fake personalities.

I think it’s a rip roarin good time. What about you?

Recorded March 13-14, 2013
Written by Jayden Rogers and Matthew Trevithick
Performed by Jayden Rogers and Matthew Trevithick
Edited by Matthew Trevithick
Produced for Communications class

Photo of the paper script.
Paper version of the script we used. Isn’t it fascinating?
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