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I’ve noticed this blog has morphed into a website focused around my 30 Minutes of Music podcast. That wasn’t my original intent when I signed up for a web host, but what can you do.

I don’t really have anything creative or interesting to write about, so that is one reason why there aren’t many text posts, and I already have a Flickr account for my photography, so I don’t really see a reason to post a bunch of photos on here. (That and when I do think of uploading a photo or two, I never know which photos to upload.)

In any case, I’m going to try and make a more concerted effort to post stuff on here that isn’t the 30 Minutes of Music podcast. I’m not sure yet if I’ll put up text posts and pieces of writing. After writing nothing but news for the last year or two, my creative writing abilities have slumped a bit. That part of my brain, it seems, isn’t as robust as it used to be, so I’ll have to try and work on that.

Also, after a year or so of less-than-stellar service, I’ve moved this site over to a new web host. I’ve already noticed the website is quicker to load and quicker to edit and post. (I also won’t get dozens of emails anymore from the Jetpack plugin telling me my website is down! Whoo!)

In the meantime, here are some photos from the summer of June 2014 that I recently uploaded to my Flickr account. They were shot with a Nikon f401x film camera on Arista 400 black and white film, which, sadly, isn’t manufactured anymore. (A shame too, as it’s a really nice looking high-contrast film.)

I have some rolls of Ilford HP5 and a roll of Kodak T-Max 100 that I really should use before they expire… More things to worry about!


My dad, Terry, in June 2014

A tree as seen in silhouette in Port Franks, Ontario in June 2014

A bird sits atop an old TV antenna near Port Franks, Ontario in June 2014

A happy dog rolling in the grass near Port Franks, Ontario in June 2014


For the last few months I’ve been working at digitizing and posting old Kodachromes that were taken in the 1960s by my great-uncle, Jack Cuthbert. So far I’ve scanned about 10 magazines (about 30 slides per magazine) and I’ve uploaded 3 magazines so far to my Flickr page.

Most of them consist of Nova Scotia photographs, but others include some really neat shots of London somewhere in the early-to-mid 1960s. Haven’t gotten that far yet though, still entering metadata and info into the tags re: what the photos are of, where they were taken, etc.

About 70-80 photos are up on my Flickr so far, and there is more to come!


A selection:

Photo of Rockville Notch, Nova Scotia, in 1961. Late afternoon, warm lighting, creek or small river passing through bottom of the frame.
Rockville Notch, Nova Scotia, 1961
Large wide landscape shot from the lookoff near Minas Basin in Nova Scotia. Taken in 1961. Shows road at bottom of the frame with a white car parked to the side of the road next to steep hill. Body of water in the distance. Mid afternoon, sunny day.
Minas Basin from Lookoff, Nova Scotia, 1961
Photo of Halifax Harbour in 1961. Taken on a sunny day in the spring or summer months. Vantage shows buildings below along river and harbour. Bridge crossing river in the background.
Halifax Harbour and Angus Macdonald Bridge from Citadel HIll, Nova Scotia, 1961

I’m also in the process of scanning my Dad’s large transparency collection dating, mostly, from the 1970s. We discovered them not to long ago. He thought he had lost them forever!

Photo of boxed slides, many Kodachrome.
My dads recently found slide collection.

Also, really hoping my long thought-about old-London-photo blog idea comes to fruition, but I’m not holding my breath, mainly because of practicality and time..

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