30 Minutes of Music: Episode 4


30 Minutes of Music – Episode 4
January 15, 2012
*Sounds best with over-the-ear headphones*

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Track List [PDF]

0:00 – The Black Keys – Stop Stop (El Camino)
3:45 – Menahan Street Band – Karina (Make The Road By Walking)
7:04 – Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
11:28 – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra – The Last Time (The Rolling Stones Songbook)
15:12 – Kaleidoscope – Flight From Ashiya (Tangerine Dream)
17:46 – JD McPherson – Country Boy (Signs and Signifiers)
21:16 – Lisa Hannigan – Knots (Passenger)
24:40 – French Kicks – Abandom (Swimming)
29:17 – Cat Power – Aretha, Sing One For Me (Jukebox)

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Also, I may have fudged up the info about the Verve using the Andrew Oldham Orchestra song. I said that the Verve didn’t license the use of the sample, which is inaccurate. The Verve did license the song, but after the song became a hit, The Verve was sued for using too much of the song by Allen Klein’s ABKCO records, which owns the rights to the Rolling Stones 1960’s catalogue. Allen Klein became the Rolling Stone’s co-manager in 1965, and bought Andrew Loog Oldham’s share of the Rolling Stones’ management (Andrew Loog Oldham, of The Andrew Oldham Orchestra, was the manager of the Rolling Stones up until Klein came along. Oldham produced all of the Rolling Stone’s work from 1963 until late ’67.) The Stones fired Klein in 1970, causing Klein to sue. The legal settlement meant Klein got the rights to most of their songs made before 1971. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

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