Raising Awareness of Epilepsy with Purple Day

*This is a story I did for one of my journalism assignments*

Epilepsy affects more than 300-thousand Canadians, and many misconceptions still circulate about the disorder.

Purple Day is officially recognized by the Canadian Government, and it’s aim is to promote and raise awareness about epilepsy. Many people don’t recognize different types of seuzires epilepsy brings, and because of medications, most people are unaware others even have the disorder.

The goal of Purple Day is for people in the community to not just learn about the disorder, but for stigmas related to the disorder to go away. Stigmas like people believing that epileptic seizures are a social occurrance, or that they have religious connotations.

Many events are taking place in London to mark Purple Day, and they can be found by visiting epilepsysupportcentre.com or by contacting the support centre at 519-433-4073.

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