A Bit Of The Past

London, 1962 Photograph by Jack Cuthbert
London, 1962
Photograph by Jack Cuthbert

If you’ve checked my blog lately, you know I’ve been scanning slides that belonged to my great-uncle Jack Cuthbert. Jack was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and did quite a bit of traveling. Luckily he had his camera with him for a lot of it. In 1962 he went to England and took photographs of London and other areas, including Cornwall.

This is one of them, taken on the banks of the Thames River, showing Elizabeth Tower – home to the Big Ben bell – and the Houses of Parliament.

Of course, as it was on Kodachrome, the original was shot in colour, but I thought I would take a whack at it and see what it looked like in black and white, as the day he shot it on was a grey and dreary one.

More will be posted eventually to my Flickr page, but I thought it would be nice to throw this one up here in the meantime.

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