Remix: Space Oddity

To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the single ‘Space Oddity,’ and to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings, EMI in 2009 released a special digital EP featuring four different versions of the song and eight mono multitrack stems from the recording session.

According to David Bowie’s website, the reason the stems were released was so fans could have the chance to create their own remix of the song.

Apparently, I missed news of this release back in 2009 because, up until last October, I wasn’t even aware the digital EP existed. (Unless I did hear about it and then forgot to download it, which is also just as likely.)

I started fiddling around with the stems in Audition late last year, but due to work and other commitments, it just kind of fell by the wayside and I never finished anything.

After David Bowie passed away last month, I tried messing around with the stems again to see if I could finish something that sounded half decent.

It’s not an acoustic remix, as there’s a Mellotron, stylophone, and electric guitar in it, but there is no drums or bass guitar.

I don’t really know what you could call it, remix-wise. It’s not totally different, as I wanted to see if I could make it sound, sorta, like the original.

Sorta different? Sorta the same? Whatever? Who cares?


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