Zoomify: London, Ontario in 1965


If you’ve ever wondered what London, Ontario looked like from above in 1965, well you can wonder no more.

Similar to the composite of 1922 London aerial photos I stitched together in 2013, this one is made up of 21-or-so aerial photos taken in 1965 by Hunting Survey Corp. The photos currently reside at the Map and Data Centre in Western Libraries at Western University.

Some of the streets may not line up perfectly, as I used Autopano to automatically stitch the separate images together (it did a great job though!)

The view you see here is all that the surveying covered. Some areas of the city missing include Clarke Road, and areas around the 401, among some others.

Below is a zoomable version of the composite. You can find a larger zoomable version here.

Click here to view in a new window.

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