For the last few months I’ve been working at digitizing and posting old Kodachromes that were taken in the 1960s by my great-uncle, Jack Cuthbert. So far I’ve scanned about 10 magazines (about 30 slides per magazine) and I’ve uploaded 3 magazines so far to my Flickr page.

Most of them consist of Nova Scotia photographs, but others include some really neat shots of London somewhere in the early-to-mid 1960s. Haven’t gotten that far yet though, still entering metadata and info into the tags re: what the photos are of, where they were taken, etc.

About 70-80 photos are up on my Flickr so far, and there is more to come!


A selection:

Photo of Rockville Notch, Nova Scotia, in 1961. Late afternoon, warm lighting, creek or small river passing through bottom of the frame.
Rockville Notch, Nova Scotia, 1961
Large wide landscape shot from the lookoff near Minas Basin in Nova Scotia. Taken in 1961. Shows road at bottom of the frame with a white car parked to the side of the road next to steep hill. Body of water in the distance. Mid afternoon, sunny day.
Minas Basin from Lookoff, Nova Scotia, 1961
Photo of Halifax Harbour in 1961. Taken on a sunny day in the spring or summer months. Vantage shows buildings below along river and harbour. Bridge crossing river in the background.
Halifax Harbour and Angus Macdonald Bridge from Citadel HIll, Nova Scotia, 1961

I’m also in the process of scanning my Dad’s large transparency collection dating, mostly, from the 1970s. We discovered them not to long ago. He thought he had lost them forever!

Photo of boxed slides, many Kodachrome.
My dads recently found slide collection.

Also, really hoping my long thought-about old-London-photo blog idea comes to fruition, but I’m not holding my breath, mainly because of practicality and time..

Two Stories, One Day

Long time no post. Have been fairly busy this week with tests and assignments and all that good stuff. Managed to get my 2 original stories done in one day (which was my hope, but not what I expected.)

First off, Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday (April 20th) and many record stores in London are doing stuff to mark the day. I spoke to Blair Whatmore of Grooves Records in Downtown London to see what Grooves is doing for Record Store Day.

Second, a piece about the new London smoking bylaw that is going into effect starting May 1st. It prohibits smoking within 9 metres of park recreational areas, and the entrances to municipal buildings. I spoke to Linda Stobo, Program Manager for Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control at the Middlesex-London Health Unit *whew*, to find out why the bylaw was created and how it will affect children. NOTE: I did a streeter back in October about this very issue, back when it was still being kicked around in City Council.



Double Post!

Hello, been busy as all heck lately! This week and next is the final stretch of assignments and tests, hence I’ve been busy busy busy. Haven’t posted here since the 6th so figured I would post a quick update as to the kinds of nonsense I’ve been doing (because you all probably care so much.)

First, a quick wraparound (narration with clips) of an interview I did with friend and former photography prof, Craig Glover of the London Free Press. He photographed the World Figure Skating Championships for the paper this past March and I decided it would be a good topic to delve into.

Secondly, we were assigned a second Monitor show to do. Monitor is a little in-house radio program we do on our college’s online radio station. Basically it’s practice at producing and keeping time. I got #3 (out of 4) so I was assigned the task of doing a 3 minute sports piece, and a 4 minute ‘life’ piece. Ironically though, my ‘life’ piece is dealing with the grief of losing a pet, and how to cope with the loss. Thank you to those who I interviewed for allowing me to take time out of their day for such a touchy and emotional subject.

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (MT Remix)

In September of 2011 I came across the mono multitracks for Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” (someone had put them on the internet somehow, there were 15 files so I think some weren’t included) and to test my audio editing chops I decided to take them and make my own alternate mix of the song.

This is how it came out. It’s hosted on Soundcloud, so the audio quality is, eh, a bit lower bit-rate then the original file. I was going to just host it here, but WordPress makes you buy a storage upgrade to do that. I will be buying a domain and hosting service soon (Bluehost!) so I can do whatever the hell I want with this blog. Which is when I will have to decide whether or not to keep mtblog.ca connected to my tumblr, or have it move over here… I have a lot of old links connected to the Tumblr, so I think I’ll just buy a new .ca for this blog. mtblog2.ca? mtwordpress.ca? Suggestions?

Anyway, here it is.


Central London, 1922

Came across a large cache of aerial photography of London, Ontario via Western Libraries yesterday. The one set that stood out for me were the ones from 1922 (the earliest ones they had.) They were photographed at an approx ratio of 1:3,200, so they were fairly low to the ground and captured quite a bit of detail. Being the kind of person I am (one who wastes a lot of time doing silly stuff like this..) I decided to try to stitch them together to create a large composite. Problem was, the individual photos were plagued with light leaks and dark corners, so it was fairly tricky.

The photos may not line up completely, but I tried my best to keep the city blocks looking proper as they are in the individual frames.

I plan on adding to it (there are quite a few more stretching as far as Huron to the north, Wonderland to the west, Clarke Road to the east, and Commissioners/Gore Road to the south.

Here’s the Central London portion.

Click for larger version

View on Google Earth (KMZ)

Central London in 1922 - Preview size


UPDATE: March 29, 2015 — Embedded below is a Zoomify version of the above photo.

Click here for a bigger view.

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